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our story

Emotions 101 design and publish resources for a diverse consumer. Emotions 101 is unique because of our commitment to create products that reflect the diversity of our nation. As such, we create products and resources where people are able to see themselves represented in our products. An excellent example is one of our signature workbook series “Letter to My Dad” and “Letter to My Mom.” We provide quality and culturally relevant resources informed by scientific research for professionals who serve a diverse audience. With our self-help products, we empower people with tools that are relevant to their unique needs and at times disparate experiences. We seek to improve the well-being of all people by strategically incorporating the challenges and opportunities for improving the well-being of a diverse audience.  

Our staff is led by Guy Jeanty, Ph.D. (he’s first name is pronounced “gui” like in guitar). Emotions 101 is Guy’s brainchild. He is a Licensed Mental health Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator. He specializes in resolving high conflict family issues that impact the emotional wellbeing of children and their family. While the majority of his time is devoted to Emotions 101, Guy maintains a limited private practice to stay current with the latest science.

Emotions 101 was created out of Guy’s personal and professional experiences. He came to recognize that in personal relationships, he did not always know instantly how he felt in some situations or about certain things that happened to him. To the people he felt closest to, he described that tendency as a “delayed emotional reaction.” For him that meant how he truly felt about certain things, at times only became clear hours or maybe a few days later. Therefore, occasionally he would need to explain to family and friends that he didn’t have a clear idea about how he felt at the exact time that a particular matter occurred.

For more than 25 years, Guy has treated countless individuals who struggle with a similar problem but frequently a more severe form: emotional suppression, feelings buried deep within the mind and physical body, often due to physical, psychological or emotional trauma. For many people, these traumas are experienced early in life, and when unresolved are passed from one generation to the next, perpetuating a cycle of emotional pain.

In his private practice, he has treated:

  •  Severely emotionally disturbed children
  •  Emotional strain of cultural conflicts in dating and blended-families
  •  Men who are emotionally numb
  •  Women who struggle managing their emotions
  •  Emotional pain of divorce and separation on children and families
  •  Substance abuse and other addictive behaviors
  •  Emotional impact of mass shootings
  •  Effects of natural disasters on victims and first responders

In addition to his clinical practice, Guy’s vast experience has included teaching graduate students at several universities and supervising marriage and family therapy interns to become licensed mental health professionals. He often volunteers as a public speaker on mental health topics. Guy was recognized as one of South Florida’s Top Black Healthcare Professionals of 2016. His major focus now is Emotions 101.